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In Aichi Prefecture which is a core of craftsmanship of Japan, NT engineering contributes to the industrial world with novel and original technology.

  1. NT engineering leads the industry by the original technology with which the"actuator technology" using an elastic deformation invented in German and the "pressure control technology" which made full use of advanced technology of Japan were united.
  2. We spray high pressure air on a part and develop a measurement system to measure part dimensions by a submicron unit by the pressure that bounced.
  3. We develop a sensor technology monitoring information such as vibration or the acceleration at the time of the processing to improve the processing precision of the machine tool.

Epoch-making "tool correction system" which does not overlook the error of a micro unit, either.
The "measuring device" which can measure a submicron unit.
"The vibration measurement equipment for machine tools" is put on the market.

New products

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ATC Tool correction system NTE-zeta series
ATC Tool correction system
NTE-zeta series

ATC Tool correction system for the general-purpose machining center lines. It is a compensation head of a new method with the functionality which can be used making match with mechanical standard NC control.

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Machine-Tool FFT analyzer
FFT analyzer

Vibration measurement device of the machine tool which anyone is easy to operate. I have three basic functions, "machining vibrations", "characteristic vibration", and “rocking motion", which are effective measurement functions practical.

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2019.04 Exhibit at CIMT2019 (Beijing Chin)
2019.01 Exhibit at IMTEX 2019 (Bangalore India)
2018.11 Exhibit at JIMTOF2018 (Tokyo Japan)
2018.09 Exhibit at IMTS2018 (Chicago USA)                                                                                                Exhibit first time at AMB2018 (Stuttgart Germany)
2017.03 Wireless Plug-in Measuring System is launched.
2016.11 New Setting Head GR-1 and PB-1 are exhibited at JIMTOF 2016.
2016.05 dB-2 Vibration Monitoring Unit is launched as a new product.
2015.04 NT Engineering withdraws from the joint-venture agreement with Samson-AG in Germany and becomes a new independent company.
2013.01 We exhibited for an IMTEX exhibition held in Bangalore City,India.
2012.12 We announced a lecture and the article of vibration rotary measures in the society.
2012.11 Reference exhibited new-actuating-tool in JIMTOF.